Brooke McCarter
Birth Name Brooke McCarter Jr.
Gender Male
Date of Birth 22 April, 1963
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date of Death 22 December, 2015

Brooke McCarter was named after his father and his mother's name is Maria. Brooke also has a sister named Melissa and a brother named Robert. He was very athletic, he got into Ohio state university on a racquetball scholarship. Not only did he play sports he was a model as well. When Brooke was 14 he won a model contest called New Faces. He dropped out of college to act, and studied in New York. Brooke was in the new The Twilight Zone, an episode called The Twilight Zone: Joy Ride (1987). His next role was as Tyler in Thrashin' (1986). following that was his role in The Lost Boys(1987).

While filming The Lost Boys the cast and crew got along well. Brooke met Corey Haim, and became his manager through the 90s. He was in a film with Corey called Double Switch (1993), and was credited as a song and song performer in his movie Fast Getaway (1991).[1]

Now living in Florida, he's set up his own production company and moved behind the camera.[2]

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