Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Red (Vampire)
Status Destroyed
Relatives None
Quote "I’ve fought beside great warriors, learned battle techniques that could only be mastered over several lifetimes."
Fate Killed by Edgar and Alan Frog
Actor Seb Castang

DJ X is a vampire from the film The Lost Boys: The Thirst.

He was mistakenly believed to be the head vampire by Edgar Frog (although it turned out that Peter was actually the head vampire).


X's early life as a human — including his true name — is unknown. At some point in his young adult life, he was sired into vampirism and went on to become a fighter. From his monologue, it can be assumed that he has been present for many historic battles possibly stretching back to medieval times, and has acquainted himself with many renowned warriors and learned strategies of battle and warfare that require decades or even whole lifetimes of study to master. Towards the arrival of the 21st century, he adopted the alias of DJ X, and became a renowned rave proprietor.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has dark brown skin, black hair and black eyes. (In the words of celebrity blogger Johnny Trash, DJ X is said to be “positively scrumptious” in terms of appearance.)


DJ X is shown to be very tough, as well as charming. This is shown when he lures celebrity blogger Johnny Trash into his van, and then gives him an interview about the next rave party and where it might be.

But underneath that charming, silver-tongued exterior is a bloodthirsty monster with the urge to kill and feed.



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