destroy all vampires is a comic book that is the bible of how to kill vampires

plot in issue 1 dracula raises a army of vampires he also creates hounds of hell to protect them and keep their home safe 3 vampire hunters tom is the oldest emmitt is a teen and jack is the youngest they make it to the vampire hideout where they have to kill the hounds of hell in issue 2 they kill the dogs and get to the entrance once they enter they get close to where the vampires are issue 3-30 they manage to get to dracula after killing multiple vampires dracula sends out his werewolf that is 17896 inches long jack finds out how to kill the werewolf he tells emmitt and tom to shoot him several times in the face wile the do that jack stabs the werewolf in the foot the dying werewolf falls to the floor jack stabs the werewolf in the heart killing it 31-39 dracula sends posesed soilders to kill the three they only kill emmitt while jack is trapped under a table roy kills the soilders dracula fights tom dracula knocks out tom when dracula is about to kill tom jack suprises and kills dracula the remaining hunters then go home 40-179 after all the trouble with dracula a vampire named tom who is draculas brother sends 3 vampires to kill tom and jackwich they get killed by tom [while jack is sleeping] tom wakes jack up throughout the rest of the series it just shows the problems with tom and jack getting to the lair 180-181 they get to roy they grab ninja swords and start fighting final issue tom and jack jab their swords into roy killing him instantley