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ActorBilly Wirth

Dwayne is the second vampire to appear in the film, and it is speculated that he carries a place in the hierarchy of the main group, as the second in command, as is implied with the order the boys are introduced in the film (David, Dwayne, Paul and Marko).

The stereotypical tall, dark and handsome vampire came to a gory demise when he was shot through the heart by Sam with a bow and arrow.

The Lost BoysEdit

Dwayne and Laddie

Dwayne and Laddie

Dwayne was portrayed as an enigma, strong and silent, rarely included in conversation, and is the epitome of the saying “Still waters run deep”.

However, he still held a presence as the muscle of the group. This was demonstrated in the scene when Star was about to “go for a ride” with Michael Emerson; the boys all arrived at once, but Dwayne was the only one to brake in front of Michael’s bike as an obstruction rather than part of the audience, implying he may be more reliable to fight than the other boys.

However, this is contradicted in the opening scene when David took it upon himself to flirt with a young blonde. Her boyfriend immediately became aggressive and grabbed Dwayne's collar (as David neatly managed to avoid his reach), only for Dwayne to attempt to break away as Marko and Paul began to throw the punches. This shows he carries the appearance of a fighter, but is reluctant to become involved with conflict.

One day, when the vampires were asleep, Michael, Sam and the Frog brothers, Edgar and Alan, went into The Cave, Michael retrieved Star and Laddie Thompson and put them in back of the car, where he collapsed and passed out, tired (as a half-vampire) from being awake during the day.

Meanwhile, Sam, Edgar and Alan found the sleeping vampires and staked Marko, which enraged the other vampires. The trio escaped in the car, with Star, Laddie and Michael in the back. Later that night, the vampires attacked the house. Paul was killed by Edgar, Alan and Sam’s dog Nanook. Dwayne was the third to die when Sam shot an arrow through his heart. He collapsed on a radio, the arrow penetrated the controls, and caused Dwayne to be electrocuted, before exploding.

Dwayne is never named in the film, only in the credits.


Although it is seen that Paul is the only Lost Boy who demonstrates obvious communication with Laddie, the youngest boy in fact rides with Dwayne. In the brief conversation Dwayne had with Laddie, he refers to him as "bud", indicating friendship. Paul may be seen to have the rough-and-tumble affection towards the younger as an older brother, but Dwayne could easily be perceived as taking on the paternal role, not only with Laddie but with much the entire group.

Dwayne scared by Holy Water

Dwayne in his final moments

This, however, excludes Star. It is noticeable that the only boy to speak to her, or generally acknowledge her presence, is David. This is speculated to have one of two meanings: David keeps her to himself and doesn't allow the others near her, or the boys have a shared distaste for her, for reasons unknown. When acting as the barrier to prevent Star going with Michael, Dwayne clearly has an expression of disapproval on his face, indicating his disinterest whether she went or stayed and could possibly only be the barrier on David's orders.

David, Dwayne and Paul- The Three Eldest Lost Boys

David, Dwayne and Paul

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