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"They're only noodles, Michael."


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Gender Male
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Status Deceased
Relatives Lucy Emerson (Daughter)
Michael Emerson (Grandson)
Sam Emerson (Grandson)
The Widow Johnson (Sire)
Quote "One thing about livin' in Santa Carla I never could stomach... all the damn vampires!"
Fate Deceased, killed by The Widow Johnson
Actor Barnard Hughes


Little is known about Grandpa's past before the events of Santa Carla, although he is (or was) an experienced vampire hunter. He moved to Santa Carla and into the craftsman style house in Pogonip Creek after his daughter Lucy had grown up and left home. He is believed to have died sometime in 1987.

Supposedly, he was turned into a half-vampire by the Widow Johnson and killed during a raid on her lair. However, accounts of the Johnson raid are somewhat murky; the only chronicler, Edgar Frog, has admitted he greatly exaggerated his version of events in The Reign of Frogs in order to make himself appear more heroic than he really was.

Some have come to believe that the Johnson raid is purely a work of fiction, that Grandpa Emerson simply married the Widow Johnson and moved away, and that reports of his death were greatly exaggerated so as to afford him the opportunity to retire from vampire hunting.

Personality Traits[]

Grandpa Emerson has a very droll sense of humor. He enjoys marijuana, Oreo's, root beer, killing vampires, and stuffing animals. For him, taxidermy is not just a job; it's a labor of love.


  • As The Lost Boys is inspired by Peter Pan the role of Grandpa is linked with the role of Captain Hook. As the roles are reversed and the lost boys are bad in this adaptation Hook is good. Grandpa shares hook’s mystery And illusion personality. He is often seen plotting and at the end is the one to defeat the head vampire making it clear that he despises all vampires and was aware the whole time.


Grandpa Emerson is the father of at least one child, Lucy Emerson, and the grandfather of at least two grandchildren, Michael and Samuel Emerson. He is also the grandfather of Nicole and Chris Emerson.