Stephen van Niekerk

Steven van Niekerk as Lars

Lars Van Goetz
is a former reality show star. Lars is hired by Gwen Lieber to assist Edgar Frog and his friend, Zoe, on their mission to rescue Peter Lieber from Master Vampire DJ X. Lars Van Goetz is hoping to use the mission to make him famous again; Edgar reluctantly accepts his help. Accompanying them on the mission is Lars' camera man, Claus. The hunting party set off for the island where a DJ X rave is taking place. Leaving Gwen behind for her safety, the remaining four go inside in search of Peter. Lars finds him, but thinking that the whole thing is staged, leaves Peter to rescue him at a more dramatic time. As they fight various vampires, Lars gets killed, but Edgar Gwen, Claus, and Zoe survive and return to the building. They kill DJ X and rescue Peter. To their consternation they discover DJ X is not the true master when none of the half-vampires turn back.