Lucy Emerson
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Status Living
Relatives Grandpa Emerson (Father)
Michael Emerson (Son)
Sam Emerson (Son)
Quote "You got carried away by a comic book?"
Fate Last known to be residing in Santa Carla
Actor Dianne Wiest


Not much is known about Lucy's early life. But when she became an adult, she married, and gave birth to two sons, Sam and Michael. Later on when Sam and Michael became teens, Lucy and her husband began having fights, and soon Lucy divorced him. Because of financial troubles accompanying the divorce, Lucy packed up and took her sons with her from Phoenix, Arizona, to live with her eccentric, widowed father in Santa Carla, California.

Personality TraitsEdit

Lucy is a rather traditional, old-fashioned female character. She is the typical mother to her boys - stern but loving with them (knowing and believing in the saying "Mother knows best"), as well as a loving and tolerant daughter when it comes to her father's numerous odd habits. She is troubled by Michael's distance from her - which seems to have begun even before the events of the film - and tries reaching out to communicate with him.

Despite her recent divorce, she does not seem interested in "going it alone", and is hopeful of finding a new romance and possibly remarrying soon; she is clearly grateful that Max continues to show interest in her after several disastrous dates.