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Never Grow Old, Never Die is an Unofficial collaborative website about all things that relate to 80's cult classic, The Lost Boys and its sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe.

This Lost Boys Wiki is here to unite fans and encourage them to write in-depth articles about the movies and characters, along with any other elements relating to the The Lost Boys universe.
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Santa Carla is the quintessential beach town, located in California. It was here that Hawaiian royalty first introduced surfing to the mainland--and locals and visitors alike have been riding the waves ever since. Not far from the surf break, calliope music and laughter fills the air at the Santa Carla Beach Boardwalk, the West Coast's last remaining seaside amusement park.


Latest Bites...
  • July 22, 2009: Assault charges brought against actor Kiefer Sutherland after he allegedly head-butted a fashion designer in May have been dropped. [2]
  • July 21, 2009: James Mangold is attached to direct an adaptation of the memoir "Three Little Words," which is among the first projects to come from Jami Gertz's Lime Orchard Productions. [4]
  • July 7, 2009: Corey Feldman dresses like King of Pop at Michael Jackson memorial. [5]

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