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Max "Sex" Lawrence is the main antagonist of the 1987 horror film The Lost Boys. He is the head vampire who lives in secrecy, while acting human in public.


He owns a video store, attempts to enter a relationship with Michael and Sam's mother Lucy, and appears to be a perfectly normal man. The Emerson brothers and the Frog brothers suspect him of being the head vampire, as the whole thing started when Lucy met him at the video store. He also owns a dog named Thorn, which has a tendency to protect him and act hostile towards anyone who goes near him. When the Frog brothers start a test to find out if he is a vampire, the test failed, leading to some to later believe that David is the head vampire.

At the film's climax, after the Frog brothers, Sam, Michael, Star and Laddie fight and kill the remaining Lost Boys (and presumably kill David), Star, Michael and Laddie don't revert back to being human. Max immediately reveals that David fed them Max's blood to turn Laddie, Star and Michael into half-vampires. The only reason that the test failed was the exception that Michael had invited him into his home. He reveals that his intentions involve Sam and Michael's mother, Lucy, and turning her into the "mother" of his boys. Michael, Sam, Star and the Frog brothers attempt to fight him, but are overpowered. He begins to threaten Sam with a choke-hold, just as he pulls Lucy to him, intending to bite her. But luckily Grandpa's truck drives through the wall launching a giant wooden stake that Michael pushes through Max. Max then burns up in the fireplace.

He was only mentioned in "Lost Boys: Reign of the Frogs", where it is revealed that he didn't sire David (as implied in fan fiction or in the first film), but rather the Widow Johnson.

He is portrayed by Edward Herrmann.


  • As The Lost Boys is inspired by Peter Pan the role of Max is inspired by Peter himself, as he is the leader of The Lost Boys and immortal. Just like Peter, Max wishes to not only initiate new members, but also a mother. This mother is Lucy (whom is inspired by Mary/Wendy) and is the driving force for the plot of The Lost Boys as it is the main reason for why Michael is initiated in the first place.
  • His dog Thorn may also be linked to Tinker Bell, as she is seemingly jealous and defensive of Mary/Wendy even when they first meet and is his protector.