Nicole Emerson
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Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Status Human
Relatives Chris Emerson (Brother)
Michael Emerson (Cousin)
Sam Emerson (Cousin)
Quote "I think death can be a positive thing."
Fate Alive
Actor Autumn Reeser

Nicole Emerson is the younger sister of Chris Emerson and mostly human. At one time, Chris and Nicole were believed to be the children of Michael Emerson and Star (and their Aunt Jillian, a long-lost sister of Star). The belief came from the fact that their parents had died in a car accident and that Michael Emerson and Star were reported by Edgar Frog to also have died in a car accident.

However, they are in fact cousins of Michael Emerson (instead of his children). Since Chris was in his mid to late 20's and Nicole was in her early twenties when they first came to Luna Bay (in 2008), it would be impossible for them to be Michael and Star's children, as their supposed parents had met for the first time in 1987.

While currently believed to be human, Nicole was previously a half-vampire sired by former Surf Nazi Shane Powers. There has been some speculation recently as to her species.

Noted werewolf scholar Hans Rodionoff wrote an account of events in Luna Bay, which took place in 2008, which also parallel those recorded by Edgar Frog. Rodionoff came to Luna Bay to investigate a series of deaths and disappearances he believed to be perpetrated by werewolves. Rodionoff states, "Surfers are so territorial, they run in these packs and their lives are dictated by the tides. The tides are dictated by the moon. What other thing in the world is dictated by the moon?"

Certain parties have speculated that Shane Powers and The Tribe were not in fact vampires as reported by Edgar Frog and were in fact werewolves. If this is true, then there is a chance that Nicole and Chris Emerson may not be former half-vampires but current full werewolves. Whether Rodionoff's werewolves and Shane Power's Tribe were one and the same, or simply two groups of supernaturals living and wrecking havoc in the same town, is unknown. All other witnesses to the 2008 Luna Bay events are either dead, missing, or Edgar Frog... and Edgar Frog's only comment on werewolves at this time is "no comment".

Nicole Emerson was played by Autumn Reeser.