Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Status Vampire
Relatives Max (sire)
David (Vampire Brother)
Marko (Vampire Brother)
Dwayne (Vampire Brother)
Quote 'Wait a minute. Who wants to know?'
Fate Dead
Actor Brooke McCarter

Paul was one of David's lost boys, known by the Frog brothers as "Twisted Sister," and sharing a slight resemblance in their hairstyles. He met his demise in a death bath full of holy water and garlic.

He is played by Brooke McCarter in the film.

The Lost BoysEdit

Paul was the grinning, outgoing one of the bunch from David's gang. Star is also known in the novel to the movie as him being the only one that paid any attention to her as well as being the kindest to her. Despite his bouncing exterior, he was as much as a monster at the other boys, revelling in his kills with no remorse. His bond to David seemed to be built more on respect than friendship, although he still felt like they all were his family. Marko and Dwayne seemed to be a bit more like brothers to him, especially Marko. After Marko's death, Paul was outraged, and his slow thinking lead to a blood bath in holy water, offered by Nanook, Sam's trusty sidekick.


Seemingly the most vivacious of the four, Paul enjoyed listening to his beloved "rock box," hanging out at the boardwalk, and murdering innocent civilians. Despite his bloodthirsty pretense and teasing nature, he seemed to be the friendlier of the boys, joking around with Michael ("You're one of us now, bud!") and treating Laddie with the rough and tumble indulgence of an older brother. He seemed close to his "brothers," seeking revenge for Marko's death, not even thinking twice, which became his end, as he was pushed into the holy bath water by Sam's husky, Nanook.