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Groups and catergories and placingsEdit

Edgar - Alive (under frog brothers)

Sam - Dead (under Emersons)

Michael - Alive (Under Emersons)

Star - Human (Under Emersons)

David - Vampire (Under Max's group)

Max - Dead (Under Max's group)

Laddie - Alive (Under allies)

Zoe - Wolf (Under Allies)

Alan - Vampire (Under Frog Brothers)

Lucy - Alive (Under Emersons)

Grandpa - Dead (Under Emersons)

Shane - Dead (Under Tribe)

Peter - Dead (Under Peter's group)

Lisa - Vampire (Under Tribe)

Chris - Alive (Under Emersons)

Nicole - Alive (Under Emersons)

Dwayne - Dead (Under Max's group)

Marko - Dead (Under Max's group)

Paul - Dead (Under Max's group)

Yoakham - NO IMAGE - ONLY IN COMICS - dead (Under Max's group)

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