Werewolves are a supernatural breed of shapeshifters who transform into anthropomorphic wolves. Their shifts are triggered by the sight of the full moon; causing an aggressive and painful change as flesh and bone reshape to match that of the lupine beast. Werewolves are clinically known as Lycanthropes while they are known in France as Loup-garou. Werewolves are believed to have carried an ancient rivalry with vampires, although this has not yet been confirmed. Werewolves were fleetingly introduced in Lost Boys: The Thirst where Edgar Frog researches a she-wolf's ability to change at will. Zoe is such a werewolf.

Characteristics Edit

Packs Edit

Like their cousins within the animal kingdom, werewolves are pack animals. Lycanthrope packs are divided into two ranks; alpha and beta. Alphas are the leaders of the pack; often being the founder responsible for turning their own betas and bringing them into the pack from human stock. Betas are the common members of the pack; obeying the commands of the alpha and serving as hunters and guardians to protect the alpha and the alpha's mate. Omega werewolves, or "lone wolves", belong to no pack; either from being expelled from their pack as punishment or never being claimed by their alpha.

Predation Edit

Werewolves are territorial predatory creatures who hunt as packs. Like natural wolves within the animal kingdom, werewolves are carnivorous creatures who hunt and feed upon live prey. Being an atavistic and biological amalgamation of human and wolf, werewolves possess the combined instincts of human and wolf; all of which emerges into the primal urge to hunt and feed upon living prey. While werewolves can feed upon animals, their instinctual choice of prey are humans as they belong to a human genus as well as the canine; being drawn and aroused moreso to the blood and flesh of human than animal.

Reproduction Edit

Werewolves possess both the biological imperative to breed as both humans and wolves. Their urge to breed is twice as potent as their combined human and lupine instincts increases their libido twofold in addition to the canine aggression brought on by their wolf nature. Werewolves reproduce in two notable was; through sexual intercourse as well as through "the Bite." Werewolves may conceive and birth live young as well as turn existing humans into werewolves through their bites; both actions fulfill the lycanthrope's biological breeding imperative as it passes on their wolf essence to future generations and strengthens the pack's integrity.

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Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Accelerated Healing:
  • Bestial Strength:
  • Canine Senses:
  • Wolflike Speed:

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